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 I Can't Wait To Meet You!

You're officially scheduled for your tour!

Just a Few Reminders:


We have found it's best for couples to have a good understanding of their guest count and budget prior to coming onsite for a tour. If you listed your budget as unknown, we recommend doing this helpful Wedding MoneyTalk worksheet that helps couple's get clear on who is paying for your wedding day.  


We also want to share that it's not realistic to host a Saturday wedding for 200 guests on a $15,000 budget.  Budget discussions are hard, but we also know that it's no fun (for you or us) if you fall in love with our venue and the numbers don't work out. We would rather have that tough discussion now before you invest your time and heart with us on a tour.

Please invite anyone to the tour who needs to see the venue in person before you feel comfortable signing a contract.  Instead of private second tours, we ask that couples and their families attend one of our monthly open houses.


Almost everything we discuss at a tour is actually on the website! We've found couples to be less overwhelmed by new information at tours if they (and their friends/family in attendance) take a good look at the site before arriving.  That way you're just soaking in the awesome space when you get here.


When you get here please feel free to park in our private lot or the public lot across the street from us. That's the easiest and closest you can get.


Just a reminder - we do not hold dates without a contract. So it is possible that your preferred date may be booked prior to our tour. We do our very best to keep the website up to date and I would encourage you to check and make sure we have some dates still available that you are interested in prior.


If you need to cancel or reschedule your tour, please give us 24 hours notice. We really appreciate how many couples do this without us asking. 


Finally, due to the current demand, we are a first-in deposit venue. If you are sure you would like to book at your tour, we recommend bringing your checkbook to leave your booking fee.  All contracts will be issued via e-mail upon acceptance of booking fee. If you have questions about our contract rules, fees, payment terms, etc. please check out our FAQ page.


Thanks and see you soon!