This Place Sings To Me...

I stated as we walked through the chaos of the construction zone

"Singing?", my husband, Doug asked while looking at me like I had lost my mind.


No, really that's exactly the sentiments so many like myself feel upon entering this space.  To some, it's the history of the building, others for the design possibilities, and yet for some- it sings of future and epic memories. No matter how this space "sings" to you, it's sure to wow.

Built at the turn of the century by Chelsea architect A.G. Faist, the building was occupied by Willy Overland, the first makers of today's brand, JEEP.  At the turn of the century a Pontiac dealership occupied the space and its famous sign still hangs proudly for all to see. What's more "Michigan" than something with the auto industry? Not a lot.


Photo: Michelle Lippert Photography

One of the biggest representations of closing a car deal was through a handshake. It's also been a symbol of life transitions and this dealership saw it's fair share of them.  Big moments in life. Happiness and the ability to hit the open road and make memories. We're excited to continue that tradition with a twist and an even greater moment in life, your wedding.  This time a handshake at the altar welcoming a new family into your lives completing a union for a lifetime.

The Owners


Hi, I'm Amy Grace and we're the Collins.  And while 1/4 of us are Michigan natives (yours truly), the other 3/4 of our family are California Kids. We've recently relocated to the area to be near family and to put down roots.

For the last 20 years I've owned Amy Grace Events. A nationally recognized, award-winning events agency based in Santa Barbara, CA. When I entered into the world of weddings in Kalamazoo, Michigan, never in my wildest dreams did I think my life's adventure would take me to CA and create weddings in one of the most beautiful places in the world serving amazing brides and celebrity clientele!  But alas the Mitten called, and while I am blessed to still serve my CA clients, my heart is here. Where the seasons bring hope and possibility and the friendships run deep and proud.


I'm excited to bring my cutting edge designs from California to South-East Michigan. When I saw this space, I knew it was the building for us. I needed a space that had history, texture, location and massive possibility. Opening an event space in a pandemic wasn't in the plan, but this time in life has taught us so much. We're excited to welcome a new era of bridal couples post COVID with all the nuances and navigation that entails. We're excited, we're hopeful and we know that you'll choose this space to celebrate your newest celebratory handshake.

So, congrats on your engagement!  We can't wait to welcome you into our home away from home at The Collins off Main.


Amy Grace, Doug, Tyler, & Charlie Grace Collins

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